Instruction. How to input Cheat Codes for Android and iOS

In order to get instructions for entering cheats, you need to follow several steps, and after that we will send the instruction to your e-mail.

  1. Open in a new tab
  2. Copy and paste this query "Monster Dash hack" (without quotes " ") in the search line on Don't worry if it's not your game
  3. Find our website in search results and click that
  4. If you did not find our site on the first page, click "More results" to go to the second page
    1. If you did not find our site in search results, try to add "cheats4unlimited" to search query to get something like this "Monster Dash hack cheats4unlimited"
    2. If you still did not find our site in our search results, so click this BUTTON to change the search query.
  5. Enter your e-mail on the page you found
  6. Done!